November 01, 2013


Miss Sawyer Bennett, hot-guy-writer extraordinaire, has done it again! Not only did she finish the OFF series off (*sob*!) perfectly, she introduced us to one hot firefighter and one spunky chick!

I think this picture may get my point across;

Um... please excuse me a moment while I go set my house on fire... :P

Flynn Caldwell may or may not (ok... definitely may!) have a bit of a hero complex. Trying to make up for his supposed 'wrong-doing', he's been known to try fixing things in and out of his love life.

Rowan Page doesn't need saving, except from a little incident called nearly-burning-death-from-a-jealous-ex. Yeah. But she's more than capable of standing on her own two feet and dishing out as much crap as she's dealt.

Together, they're the oddest couple. Together, they're freakin' cute. And together, they're going to bring us through thivk and thin, until we've laughed, cried and embarassed ourselves on a train (yes... I know, but it was so good I couldn't put it down!). Sawyer Bennett's OFF series has been concluded with a masterpiece, and while we're all sobing over our loss of seriously hot guys, at least this isn't the end of Sawyer Bennett!

OFF CHANCE may be part of a series but no worries to all you nutty people who haven't had the absolute pleasure of reading these before - they can be read as stand alones, although previous characters do feature in later books :)

Later lovelies!