November 09, 2013


Why hello my lovelies! This is my Blog Tour stop for Jamie Canosa's sequel to Fight or Flight (an *amazing* book, seriously, this series is awesome :P). My blog tour stop will include an excerpt from the book, enjoy!

Unfortunately, due to such a busy time at university and a couple health problems, I couldn't find the time to give you a review :( but as soon as everything calms down I will get one to you! Have no fear!

Personally, I loved this book and once I had started I didn't put it down! I was still up at 3am gripping my e-reader like a lifeline trying not to wake my entire flat up by screaming at Em and Jay to just kiss already!

"Jay’s head pounded, his back ached, and his feet were protesting the cheap shoes he’d just spent the past ten hours standing in. All of that disappeared at the sight of Em sleeping soundly on the couch when he stepped inside the house. Despite how exhausted she looked when she’d left the restaurant, she’d waited up for him. Or at least she’d tried.
Watching her sleep was probably a creepy thing to do, but he couldn’t help himself. The reality of her there, in his home—in their home—was still so incredible to him. As he stood in the dark, she shifted restlessly, releasing a groan as she rolled to bury her face in the cushion.

Jay’s heart squeezed. Another nightmare. She could barely close her eyes without having one. He wondered, morbidly, if she’d ever know peace. If either of them would.

“Wake up, Em. It’s just a dream.” Keeping his touch light as not to agitate her further, Jay attempted to shake her awake, but her skin was on fire. She was burning up. It wasn’t just another nightmare. She was sick."