November 16, 2013

Forever Young Blog Tour!!

Hi my lovelies! This is my day for the blog tour of the wonderful Sawyer Bennett's newest book Forever Young! I have loved this book more than I can put down on this post, so the review was kinda hard, so go out, buy it, and spread the love, people!


She’s a loner, she likes to fight and, oh yeah...she has the ability to see the demons that lay beneath the faces of ordinary humans. It’s a gift Charlie Wright inherited the night her parents were brutally murdered when she was fourteen years old.
Now in her last year of high school, Charlie just can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Rather than taking a one-way trip to juvenile detention, Charlie chooses to join a mysterious group called The ForeverLand Alliance.
And then her life really gets weird.
Charlie finds herself magically transported to an alternate universe. In Semper Terra, no one ages, people fly, and one stunningly gorgeous, immortal man manages to capture Charlie’s heart and awaken the adult woman she is becoming.
But it’s not all fun and games. For Charlie is training to become an Annihilator, a select group of Semper Terrans who protect mankind from all of those things that go “bump in the night”.
It’s only when Charlie finds herself stuck in the middle of a prophecy that could bring about the end of the world that she truly begins to understand the deep sacrifices she will have to make.

   Holy. Hells. Bells. I devoured this book in two hours it was so good! And no, I wasn't on a train this time :) I was in my bed with a wonderfully warm hot chocolate and a sinfully exquisite (I know, pulling out all the big words today) book!
   Charlotte - sorry, Charlie - Wright is one tough cookie. Losing her parents, being able to see peoples faces change? Having no idea what's going on? Gotta be tough.
   But after one fight too many at school gets her sent, not to jail, but to the Foreverland Alliance - read the book! I will reveal nothing! - her entire world is thrown into confusion. But then Caiden (awesome name for an awesomely edible guy!) comes along and settles everything.
   Well, almost. Charlie is thrown from being an orphaned human teenager who couldn't stay out of a fight, to a kick-ass human teenager with a bitchy headmistress, a really snotty school brat, and a friend-not-friend (sexual tension, anyone?!) who if Charlie ever gets bored off, will come to me, since I have already called dibs on this guy :)
   Forever Young is an explosive and addictive and sensual and everything else thrown into a book filled with unbelievable potential to be huge - Sawyer Bennett, seriously, if you don't stop writing so amazingly about so many hot guys (and girls, can't forget the girls!), we'll all start expecting you to build them for us!
   Between a one and a would-sell-my-cheesecake-addiction-for-this-book, I can't even chart this amazing piece of work :) *jumps up and down waving at Sawyer Bennett* me want book two now pleease!