February 07, 2013

T. Michelle Nelson is the author of currently-on-going-series The Lily Drake Series. The first book, The Life and Death of Lily Drake, introduces us to hard-working, single-mum (cure drum roll :P) Lily Drake. Of course, a single mum never has much time to date, so usually in these stories the mum will be set up over and over again on blind dates and the like. This is how the story starts; Lily getting ready for a blind date while her child is babysat. Now, when you open the door around the time your date is supposed to arrive to a drool-worthy guy, you’d assume (or at least hope) that this is your date, right?
Not so much.
Mathias Sutton isn’t your average gorgeous guy. For one, he has fangs. For another thing, he’s ‘dead’. And Lily doesn’t know this because she thinks he’s her blind date. And blind dates are generally human – you’d hope. And for another, he’s there to introduce Lily to a world of the supernatural and what-should-not-be-possible, whether she wants it or not.
After her kidnap, Lily awakens to a proposition which sets everything off. Being focused on keeping her son Keaton safe, Lily trains to kick rogue vampires and learns her way around the new world she’s been inducted into fast.
T. Michelle Nelson is a very talented author. Her storyline is fantastic, her characters amazingly described and the whole book is un-put-down-able. I highly recommend it to any and all supernatural readers and even most other readers :) As of 24th April there is a second book; ‘Til Death Do Us Part. Cover release right here February 10th!